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supersole eight inch boot 95
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Supersole® 8-Inch Boot 953

Also available in a custom fit. Years of fitting stool experience have taught us that some customers' feet are not a perfect match. All too often a customer has to settle for less than a perfect fit. Red Wing's Custom Fit program offers a unique solution that allows you to order a pair of boots in two different sizes. Visit the nearest Red Wing Store to get your customized fit.

  • Leather
  • Electrical hazard rated
  • SuperSole®

Sizes: 10A-14A, 10AA-14AA, 8B-15B, 8C-13C, 5D-18D, 7E-14E, 7EE-16EE, 7EEE-14EEE. Contact us for specific sizes. 

Do you have some questions or are you ready to buy? Call our Shoe Department at 330.857.2131!

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supersole eight inch boot 95