Early Days

In 1929, Red and Earl Hofstetter first opened the doors of Kidron Town & Country as a meat market and grocery store.  At the time, Kidron Town and Country was one of three grocery stores serving the growing community.   In fact, you can step back in time and experience Kidron circa 1930’s by perusing the vintage photos that line the walls of the restaurant.

In the 1960’s, Rich Gerber, Danny Hofstetter, and Elmer Stauffer purchased the store.   As times changed, Kidron Town & Country continued to change to meet the needs of the growing community.  Ultimately, T&C became the only grocery store serving Kidron and surrounding areas.


While decades have passed – and many renovations and expansions have been made – Larry and Ranee Yoder continue to operate according to the founding principles of fresh, quality products sold by friendly, knowledgeably associates.

Here are just a few of the vintage photographs (circa 1930's) that line the walls of Kidron Town & Country's restaurant. Those below feature the early days of the Kidron Auction Grounds.